A Few Thoughts on Our Need for Prayer

Just a few posts I’ve put on Facebook. There’s so much talk about this in that about our world’s chaos, but not a lot about our desperate need for prayer.

“So much talk about pro-this and anti-that, but so little talk about praying for revival.”

“So many lament the lack of prayer in schools while so many churches no longer have prayer meetings or altar calls.”

“Prayer cannot be both important and unimportant. It either is or isn’t.”

“While I value my 2nd ammedment rights, but if I had a choice between it or revival, I would choose revival. And that is what I long for!”

“If the church isn’t serious about prayer, then neither is the church serious about the need for change.”

“‘What’s going to happen is going to happen,’ some say. No! God calls us to seek His face and pray. This can make all the difference in the world!”

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